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Apr. 4th, 2013 10:26 pm
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Standard How's My Driving? (HMD) post! Please leave all comments, critiques, and what-not regarding how I'm doing with AkaRed. All Comments will be screened, and anon-comments allowed.
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I am: Lisa, aka N-finite/N-finiteFangirl/N-finitelyToku
I play: AkaRed, [personal profile] inheritstheredsouls and Right, [personal profile] lunchleader
Contact Methods:

Email - powerofredrangers@gmail.com; alwaystime4coffee@gmail.com; lisa.fitzwater@comcast.net
Twitter - NfiniteFangirl
LiveJournal - [livejournal.com profile] n_finitefangirl
IRC - Yes, this old option is available; I normally use Mibbit as open tab in Firefox. However, I will only use this upon request
Plurk - powerofredrangers
Dreamwidth - PM or text message option in profile (registered accounts only for latter option)

Note: all emails are registered on my phone, and I have both IRC and Twitter apps (yay, Android); so, I can be reached in cases of important stuff! Also, if you wish to do Google Chats/Hangouts, just drop me a line, and I can get things setup.

Timezone and Scheduling Issues: All day US Central Time (CST) due to being unemployed/pre-self-employed
Posting/Jumping/Thread-Dropping: Willing to back-thread through forever; okay with you jumping me in posts in general. I'm also okay if someone wants to jump in mid-thread, but please clear this with any other repliers first.
Comfort Levels: Ask first regarding gore; no non-con or incest. Everything else is good, unless otherwise listed in Stats and Permissions post
Concrit/OOC issues: I have my HMD post as my sticky for this journal; please use it if I ever get off-track with this guy. I may not respond immediately, but I will do my best to answer each and every comment there.

Also, please keep in mind that I'm in the midst of setting myself up as a self-publishing writer, so it may take me a while to get back to tags.
Goals: Get AkaRed to be more human than infallible hero; maybe even find someone that help him get out of his suit as well, perhaps.
Essays and Memes: Oh, god, do I love essays and memes! In fact, I'm usually throwing out tags here and there in [community profile] bakerstreet, if anyone's interested.
AU-ing: Always up for a good AU or three; just no grim-dark, please.
Final Comments: Seeking at least one muse, if not more, for long-term romantic CR; smut is definitely in play, but prefer to build up to it.
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[This post is for those who wish to thread with AkaRed in general. Just about any type of thread idea is welcomed, so long as you please keep in mind by No-Nos listed here for any and all types of threading.

If you wish to ping me about picking up any threads elsewhere, this post can also serve that purpose as well! Just leave a comment linking to that thread, and I'll get back to it ASAP.]
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