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Name: AkaRed, formerly Captain of the Akaki Pirates

Series: Go Go Sentai Boukengers Vs Super Sentai and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown; estimated to be around 180cm

Weight: Unknown

Health: Appears to be in good health, but no concrete info available

Appearance: Always in his Sentai suit/uniform. The only difference in the two series he's in is the chest badge; instead of the 30th anniversary logo seen in Boukenger Vs Super Sentai, it's the 35th Anniversary Logo seen in Gokaiger.

Weapons/Equipment: Boukenger Vs. Super Sentai confirms that he has the Super Sentai Address Book, which lists the current location of every single Super Sentai warrior. And the Gokaiger series has confirmed that he's equipped with his own Gokai Sabre. One could safely assume that he also has his own Gokai Gun and Mobirates, though he would only use the latter for its communications features.

Abilities: As the spirit of Red Rangers, he can assume any forms of the previous Red Rangers. He can also summon any weapons and equipment that they used, and can even use their abilities. A post will be made later on that will list all the abilities/forms/equipment that is at his disposal.

Personality: He encompasses all the good qualities of a Red Ranger: Leadership, heart of justice, cares for all teammates (in his case, every single Super Sentai warrior) as well as all good people, Big Damn Hero, never giving up the fight, self sacrificing, etc. Based on his canon appearances, he appears to treat both male and female Sentai warriors equally, and he will step down from any leadership positions and let the currently active Red Ranger take the lead if the latter is around to do so.

Action or Prose? I'm just fine with either style for posts and comments.

Thread-hopping? Feel free to do so!

Fourth wall? What fourth wall? (aka, please, by all means, shatter it)

Back-tagging? Much welcomed; I work full time and may not always get around to tagging back quickly enough.

Can my character read his mind/sense his emotions/etc.? Go ahead! Empaths could definitely get a feel for his moods, but any mind readers may have a difficult time if he notices you poking around his head.

Can my character hug him/pat his shoulder/lean on him/kiss him/etc.? Definitely! Just be aware for possible stammering and such for any unexpected actions beyond bromance levels.

Can my character spit on him/step on him/punch him/etc.? Absolutely! He will be able to defend himself and even hit back as needed.

Can my character maim/murder/bad-touch yours? Ask first, please.

Are you willing to have your character be in sexual situations with my character? Yes, but mainly based on CR build-up to that point. ETA! Exceptions will now be made for canon mates. ETA2! Exceptions now extended to other members of the Super Sentai Franchise.

Any kinks that are big No-No's? Yes; I refuse to RP non-con/rape, incest, gore, anything that belongs in a toilet, "sounding", sleeping with anyone younger than 16 years old, and extreme BDSM.
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